What is Foster Care?
Fostering is a family opening its home and sharing its love, nurturing and caring with children who temporarily cannot live with their own families. It is about helping children return to their own home or move to a new permanent home. It is about family helping others within their community.

Who can Foster Aboriginal children?
To become a foster parent, you must be over 19 and have the maturity to provide care and guidance to children and youth. Singles, couples, or families can all become foster parents.

Will I receive financial assistance for children in my care?
Yes. You will receive a payment intended to cover expenses such as board, food, clothing, recreation, etc. Amounts vary on the type of care you provide.

Which Foster Homes are needed most?
Youth, sibling groups, children with special needs, and children from the ages of birth to five years of age.

How long does it take to be approved?
The length of time varies; depending on how long it takes to receive all the application documents. Once your Application to Foster is approved, the Resource Social worker will start the home study with the applicants.